Friday, 14 June 2013

Advertising works

As a member of the Society of Australian Genealogists, you get to place one free "Enquiry" in the quarterly journal, Descent, each year. I did that for the first time, last March (2013). Here's the ad:

My copy of Descent arrived and I had just opened the plastic wrapping on my copy and checked that my enquiry was in it when the first reply came in - an email popped into the inbox on my screen!

In a matter of weeks, I had been contacted by the following people who were descendants of those listed in the ad:
  • BM (Sydney, NSW) of the Blake family into which John de Burgh Carr married
  • HC (Coffs Harbour, NSW). Her daughter-in-law is a descendant of Ernest Henry Carr
  • RJ (Petwood, South Australia), researching John Stanley Carr.
A gentleman from Newbury, Vermont (Mr P-H) had seen the ad and wrote. He is a descendant of a Parker Carr whose family came from Ireland.

Around the same time as hearing from these people, I made contact with Gillian Johnson - a fourth cousin in Wales, UK I never knew I had. She is a descendant of Charles Andrews Carr and Margaret Carr (nee McDermott) and a keen genealogist who is researching the Carrs in Ireland and her own branch of the family that settled in Liverpool, England. She, in turn, put me in contact with LG, a granddaughter of Augustus Edward Stanley Carr, on the NSW South Coast.

So I have finally contacted the living descendants of some of the siblings of my great great grandfather. I always knew they must exist. They, like me are researching their family history. This has provided a wonderful burst of new discoveries which I am still trying to digest.

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  1. Welcome to geneablogging Ed, I'll enjoy reading your stories - from a fellow KHS geneablogger and WWI project person. See you on Saturday, Jackie of Jax Trax.